You have the right to your own privacy.

By using Mega Search you can be assured that we do not create personal profiles, all searches are completely anonymous. We don’t store your data or track you around the web or sell your data to advertisers or third parties. This is our promise.

Google, on the other hand, has many "ways to access" your data, such as its own operating system - Android, its own browser - Chrome, its own video platform - YouTube, and Google Analytics, which are used on many websites and devices. In this way, data from many sources is combined and linked, a detailed user profile is created and personalized search results and ads are displayed.

There are only a few search engines with their own search index - currently Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. All of the so called “alternative search engines” use and exchange data with these companies in some form as they pay for search results. 

A few examples are listed here;

Duck Duck Go uses Google's search index.

Qwant, a French search engine uses Bing.

Startpage uses Google and Bing

Swiss Cows uses Bing.

Ecosia uses Bing. 

Other search engines store your search history along with the date and time of your search, some information such as your IP address, user agent, your complete search history, often a browser cookie, and if you are logged in, your account information. This way your searches can often be traced directly, even if the search engine claims that your search is private.

How does Mega Search protect your privacy?

Mega Search doesn’t collect any data on users. We do not use any profiling based on your search history. You will receive unbiased search results based on your query submitted to our search engine.

Mega Search does not use cookies that could be used to identify the user. We also do not use any other tracking technologies such as pixels, fingerprints or any facial recognition technologies across any of our products, including Mega Chat devices.

We only allow connections to Mega Search over a secure HTTPS connection. This ensures that no one between you and our search engine can secretly observe your requests and take your personal data without your knowledge.

Mega Search headquarters is located in the United Kingdom; however our servers are located in a secure location. We have chosen Iceland because it is one of the biggest supporters of net neutrality and online privacy for both its citizens and companies. A key piece of legislation called the Data Protection Act guarantees the safety of all personal data. Furthermore, the Equal Access to the Internet resolution of 2015 defines access to the Internet as a civil right. In addition, it partially prohibits censorship of online content.

To host and offer digital services or store data (remote data storage or backup) in Iceland means complete confidence that individual-connected data is safe and not accessible except through a formal legal process.

Freedom of speech and expression is another field in which Iceland excels. The goal of the Modern Media Initiative of 2010 was to turn Iceland into a “haven for freedom of information, freedom of expression and of speech.”

The Icelandic Data Protection Authority is a separate unit from the government (although subject to Ministry of the Interior) and operates independently to enforce the laws of privacy and data protection.

Mega Search does not perform statistical analysis to understand user behavior or trends.

To use Mega Search, you do not need to register. However, if you want to benefit from advertising or access additional features, an account is required. If you choose to register, we collect some personal information such as your name and email address. You are free to change, update and delete any information associated with your account.

Mega Search contains registration forms for anyone who wishes to register their website or advertise (e.g. during the payment process or during customer service and verification) in which users are asked to provide certain information, such as their email address. We use this information in order to create an account or provide customer support to send you news, updates and promotional material about our products. Under no circumstances will this information be shared with third parties.

Users can unsubscribe from unsolicited emails by using the appropriately marked option in the email.